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      I was born and bred in and branded by the Bronx, lived my post-teenage years in, among other places, Fort Campbell, Kentucky (U.S. Army 2 years). Athens (in Ohio for college, in Greece a journalist for the Athens News); Sweden (as a student at the International Graduate School for English-speaking Students at the University of Stockholm); Paris (1 year on the Left Bank, of course), Puerto Rico (more than 20 years as a journalist for the San Juan Star and correspondent for the New York Daily News) and in and around the nation’s capital as Washington correspondent for the Star before the newspaper forever folded its pages in 2009.

      My first novel, Caribbean Dreams, was published in 1989. Since then my checkered novel-publishing career has included Shadow of the Fathers, Under a Dark Sun, The Surrounding Sea, Island Wildlife and The Puerto Rico Trilogy. The Trilogy is composed of my latest work, Ulysses in San Juan, as well as The Odyssey of Pablo Camino and The Defining Sea. The latter two are renamed, slight rewrites of Shadow of the Fathers and The Surrounding Sea. So far, all the novels are set in Puerto Rico, where my head and my heart have remained for so many years.


The Defining Sea is … “Captivating and powerful, with a wonderful sense of compassion—and humor. Robert Friedman’s ability to create empathy for his characters is outstanding.”

– Michael Levin, New York Times best-selling author

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Robert is based near Washington D.C.

Please get in touch with the author regarding discussions about historic Puerto Rico during the 1960s through mid-1990s.

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